Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

Pharmaceutical Information
Drug Name Alitretinoin
Drug ID BADD_D00075
Description An important regulator of gene expression during growth and development, and in neoplasms. Tretinoin, also known as retinoic acid and derived from maternal vitamin A, is essential for normal growth; and embryonic development. An excess of tretinoin can be teratogenic. It is used in the treatment of psoriasis; acne vulgaris; and several other skin diseases. It has also been approved for use in promyelocytic leukemia (leukemia, promyelocytic, acute).
Indications and Usage For topical treatment of cutaneous lesions in patients with AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma.
Marketing Status approved; investigational
ATC Code D11AH04; L01XF02
DrugBank ID DB00523
KEGG ID D02815
MeSH ID D000077556
PubChem ID 449171
TTD Drug ID Not Available
NDC Product Code 17337-0007; 59212-601; 17337-0008
Synonyms Alitretinoin | 9cRA Compound | 9-cis-Retinoic Acid | 9 cis Retinoic Acid | BAL4079 | Panretin | Toctino
Chemical Information
Molecular Formula C20H28O2
CAS Registry Number 5300-03-8
Chemical Structure
ADRs Induced by Drug
*The priority for ADR severity classification is based on FAERS assessment, followed by the most severe level in CTCAE rating. If neither is available, it will be displayed as 'Not available'.
**The 'Not Available' level is hidden by default and can be restored by clicking on the legend twice..
ADR Term ADReCS ID ADR Frequency (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (CTCAE)
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome11.05.17.007; Available
Angioedema10.01.05.009;; Available
Application site reaction12.07.01.006; Available
Asthenia08.01.01.001--Not Available
Cellulitis23.11.02.004; Available
Depressed mood19.15.02.001--Not Available
Dermatitis23.03.04.002--Not Available
Dermatitis bullous23.03.01.002--
Dermatitis exfoliative23.03.07.001;
Dry eye06.08.02.001--
Dry skin23.03.03.001--
Erythema23.03.06.001--Not Available
Haemoglobin13.01.05.018--Not Available
Infection11.01.08.002--Not Available
Lymphadenopathy01.09.01.002--Not Available
Mood altered19.04.02.007--Not Available
Nervous system disorder17.02.10.001--Not Available
Oedema14.05.06.010; Available
Oedema peripheral08.01.07.007;;
Psoriasis23.03.14.002; Available
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