Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

ADR Ontology
ADR Term Cytogenetic abnormality
ADR Hierarchy
03      Congenital, familial and genetic disorders
03.12      Chromosomal abnormalities and abnormal gene carriers
03.12.02      Chromosomal abnormalities NEC      Cytogenetic abnormality
Description Abnormal number or structure of chromosomes. Chromosome aberrations may result in CHROMOSOME DISORDERS. [MeSH]
MedDRA Code 10067477
MeSH ID D002869; D002869; D002869; D002869; D025063
ADR Severity Grade (FAERS)
ADR Severity Grade (CTCAE) Not Available
Chromosomal abnormality in fetus affecting management of mother | Chromosomal abnormality in fetus, affecting manag of mother, unspec as to eoc in preg | Chromosomal abnormality in fetus, affecting management of mother, antepartum | Chromosomal abnormality in fetus, affecting management of mother, with delivery | Chromosomal abnormality NOS | Chromosomal anomalies | Chromosome abnormality | Chromosome disorder | Conditions due to anomaly of unspecified chromosome | Cytogenetic abnormality | Chromosome Aberrations | Aberration, Chromosome | Aberrations, Chromosome | Chromosome Aberration | Abnormalities, Chromosome | Abnormality, Chromosome | Chromosome Abnormality | Cytogenetic Abnormalities | Abnormalities, Cytogenetic | Abnormality, Cytogenetic | Cytogenetic Abnormality | Chromosome Abnormalities | Cytogenetic Aberrations | Aberration, Cytogenetic | Aberrations, Cytogenetic | Cytogenetic Aberration | Abnormalities, Chromosomal | Abnormality, Chromosomal | Chromosomal Abnormalities | Chromosomal Abnormality | Chromosomal Aberrations | Aberration, Chromosomal | Aberrations, Chromosomal | Chromosomal Aberration | Autosome Abnormalities | Abnormality, Autosome | Autosome Abnormality | Abnormalities, Autosome
ADR Related Proteins
Protein Name UniProt AC TTD Target ID
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1FP30939T78656
Calcitonin gene-related peptide 1P06881T93509
Cellular tumor antigen p53P04637T15739
Cyclin-dependent kinase 20Q8IZL9Not Available
DNA topoisomerase 2-alphaP11388T17048
DNA-directed RNA polymerase, mitochondrialO00411Not Available
Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenaseP11413T63484
Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferaseP00492Not Available
L-lactate dehydrogenase A chainP00338T15053
Mitogen-activated protein kinase 1P28482T58970
Poly(A) polymerase alphaP25500Not Available
RAF proto-oncogene serine/threonine-protein kinaseP09560Not Available
Retinoblastoma tumor suppressorQ5J3Q9Not Available
Serine/threonine-protein kinase PLK2Q9NYY3T59654
Drugs Leading to the ADR
Drug IDDrug NameADR Frequency (FAERS)ADR Severity Grade (FAERS)
BADD_D00486Clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride (pediatric)--
BADD_D02043Sodium iodide i-131--
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