Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

Pharmaceutical Information
Drug Name Chlorpromazine
Drug ID BADD_D00445
Description The prototypical phenothiazine antipsychotic drug. Like the other drugs in this class, chlorpromazine's antipsychotic actions are thought to be due to long-term adaptation by the brain to blocking dopamine receptors. Chlorpromazine has several other actions and therapeutic uses, including as an antiemetic and in the treatment of intractable hiccup.
Indications and Usage For the treatment of schizophrenia; to control nausea and vomiting; for relief of restlessness and apprehension before surgery; for acute intermittent porphyria; as an adjunct in the treatment of tetanus; to control the manifestations of the manic type of manic-depressive illness; for relief of intractable hiccups; for the treatment of severe behavioral problems in children (1 to 12 years of age) marked by combativeness and/or explosive hyperexcitable behavior (out of proportion to immediate provocations), and in the short-term treatment of hyperactive children who show excessive motor activity with accompanying conduct disorders consisting of some or all of the following symptoms: impulsivity, difficulty sustaining attention, aggressivity, mood lability, and poor frustration tolerance.
Marketing Status Discontinued; Prescription
ATC Code N05AA01
DrugBank ID DB00477
KEGG ID D00270
MeSH ID D002746
PubChem ID 2726
NDC Product Code 63304-122; 63304-083; 63304-185; 70518-3175; 68428-314; 63304-143; 63304-114
Synonyms Chlorpromazine | Thorazine | Aminazine | Largactil | Chlordelazine | Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride | Hydrochloride, Chlorpromazine | Contomin | Fenactil | Propaphenin | Chlorazine
Chemical Information
Molecular Formula C17H19ClN2S
CAS Registry Number 34468-21-8
Chemical Structure
ADR Related Proteins Induced by Drug
ADR Term Protein Name UniProt AC TTD Target ID PMID
Adverse drug reactionMuscarinic acetylcholine receptorQ53XZ3Not Available6661622; 7139312; 6130962; 6141624; 12421648; 2899951; 4075169; 3484995; 8871101; 8224065
HepatotoxicityL-lactate dehydrogenase A chainP00338T150536729816; 3181038; 6729817; 12616289; 941168; 2068730; 8382844
HepatotoxicityAlanine aminotransferase 1Q8QZR5Not Available6729816; 3181038; 6729817; 12616289; 941168; 2068730; 8382844
Metabolic disorderS-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzymeP17707T559226305362; 6121595; 6284819; 685624; 842265; 6617953; 204937
Metabolic disorderOrnithine decarboxylaseP11926T603666305362; 6121595; 6284819; 685624; 842265; 6617953; 204937
NystagmusNuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 3P51179Not Available6661622; 7139312; 6130962; 6141624; 12421648; 2899951; 4075169; 3484995; 8871101; 8224065
ParkinsonismNADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 1P03886Not Available8098932; 9309697
Tardive dyskinesiaD(4) dopamine receptorP21917T2498310821369; 10379516; 10893495; 9777180; 10889553
Tardive dyskinesiaD(2) dopamine receptorP14416T6716210821369; 10379516; 10893495; 9777180; 10889553
Tardive dyskinesiaD(3) dopamine receptorP35462T0255110821369; 10379516; 10893495; 9777180; 10889553
ADRs Induced by Drug
ADR Term ADReCS ID ADR Frequency (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (CTCAE)
Agranulocytosis01.02.03.001--Not Available
Alanine aminotransferase increased13.03.01.0030.002670%
Anaphylactic shock24.06.02.004; Available
Anaphylactoid reaction24.06.03.007; Available
Angioedema23.04.01.001; Available
Aplastic anaemia01.03.03.002--Not Available
Aspartate aminotransferase increased13.03.01.0060.002670%
Asphyxia22.02.02.001; Available
Asthma10.01.03.010; Available
Blood creatine phosphokinase increased13.04.01.0010.002670%
Body temperature increased13.15.01.001--Not Available
Breast engorgement21.05.05.002; Available
Cardiac arrest02.03.04.001--
Cardio-respiratory arrest22.02.06.007; Available
Catatonia19.11.01.001--Not Available
Cogwheel rigidity17.01.05.001; Available
Coma17.02.09.0010.002670%Not Available
Completed suicide19.12.01.001; Available
Confusional state19.13.01.001;
Conjunctival oedema06.04.01.0010.002670%Not Available
Dermatitis contact23.03.04.004;; Available
Dermatitis exfoliative23.03.07.001;
Drooling17.02.05.005--Not Available
Drug abuse19.07.02.0100.001393%Not Available
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