Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

Pharmaceutical Information
Drug Name Cetirizine
Drug ID BADD_D00417
Description Cetirizine, also commonly known as _Zyrtec_, is an orally active second-generation histamine H1 antagonist proven effective in the treatment of various allergic symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, hives, and other symptoms [A175051], [A175054]. One of the most common uses for this drug is for a condition called _allergic rhinitis_. The prevalence of allergic rhinitis in the United States is about 15% according to physician diagnoses, and up to 30%, according to self-reported nasal symptoms. Allergic rhinitis is associated with multiple missed or unproductive days at work and school, problems with sleep, and other difficulties with day to day activities for many individuals [A175057]. Furthermore, some antihistamine agents that are used to treat this condition cause undesirable, sedating effects [A175060]. Cetirizine is one of the first second-generation H1 antihistamines (SGAHs) formulated to selectively inhibit the H1 receptor without sedating effects [A175054].
Indications and Usage For the relief of symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis, perennial allergic rhinitis and the treatment of the uncomplicated skin manifestations of chronic idiopathic urticaria
Marketing Status Discontinued
ATC Code R06AE07; S01GX12
DrugBank ID DB00341
KEGG ID D07662
MeSH ID D017332
PubChem ID 2678
NDC Product Code 0363-1040; 65162-003; 65162-005; 71776-024; 65015-888; 60505-4668; 55111-853; 60505-4706; 51824-076; 65162-684
Synonyms Cetirizine | (2-(4-((4-Chlorophenyl)phenylmethyl)-1-piperazinyl)ethoxy)acetic Acid | Cetirizine Dihydrochloride | Dihydrochloride, Cetirizine | Virlix | Zetir | Zyrtec | Reactine | Voltric | Zirtek | Cetirizin AL | Cetirizin AZU | Cetirizin Basics | Alerlisin | Cetalerg | Ceterifug | Ceti TAD | Ceti-Puren | Cetiderm | Cetidura | Cetil von ct | CetiLich | Cetirigamma | P-071 | P 071 | P071 | Cetirlan
Chemical Information
Molecular Formula C21H25ClN2O3
CAS Registry Number 83881-51-0
Chemical Structure
ADR Related Proteins Induced by Drug
ADR Term Protein Name UniProt AC TTD Target ID PMID
Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
ADRs Induced by Drug
ADR Term ADReCS ID ADR Frequency (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (FAERS) ADR Severity Grade (CTCAE)
Abdominal discomfort07.01.06.0010.000530%Not Available
Abdominal distension07.01.04.001--
Abdominal pain07.01.05.0020.001391%
Abdominal pain upper07.01.05.0030.000530%
Abortion spontaneous18.01.04.0010.000265%Not Available
Accommodation disorder06.02.04.001--Not Available
Acne23.02.01.0010.000199%Not Available
Acute hepatic failure09.01.03.0010.000069%Not Available
Ageusia17.02.07.001; Available
Aggression19.05.01.0010.000464%Not Available
Alanine aminotransferase increased13.03.01.0030.000199%
Anaphylactic reaction24.06.03.006;
Anaphylactic shock10.01.07.002; Available
Anger19.04.02.0010.000331%Not Available
Angioedema23.04.01.001; Available
Anuria20.01.03.0020.000035%Not Available
Application site reaction12.07.01.006; Available
Arrhythmia02.03.02.0010.000530%Not Available
Arthropathy15.01.01.003--Not Available
Aspartate aminotransferase increased13.03.01.0060.000132%
Asthenia08.01.01.001--Not Available
Asthma22.03.01.002; Available
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