Adverse Drug Reaction Classification System

ADR Ontology
ADR Term Thalassaemia beta
ADR Hierarchy
01      Blood and lymphatic system disorders
01.04      Haemoglobinopathies
01.04.03      Thalassaemic disorders      Thalassaemia beta
03      Congenital, familial and genetic disorders
03.15      Blood and lymphatic system disorders congenital
03.15.03      Haemoglobinopathies congenital      Thalassaemia beta
Description A disorder characterized by reduced synthesis of the beta chains of hemoglobin. There is retardation of hemoglobin A synthesis in the heterozygous form (thalassemia minor), which is asymptomatic, while in the homozygous form (thalassemia major, Cooley's anemia, Mediterranean anemia, erythroblastic anemia), which can result in severe complications and even death, hemoglobin A synthesis is absent. [MeSH]
MedDRA Code 10043391
MeSH ID D017086
ADR Severity Grade (FAERS)
ADR Severity Grade (CTCAE) Not Available
Beta thalassaemia | Beta-thalassaemia | Cooley's anaemia | Sickle-cell beta thalassaemia | Thalassaemia beta | Thalassaemia major | Thalassaemia minor | Thalassemia beta | Thalassemia major | Thalassemia minor | Cooley's anemia | Sickle-cell beta thalassemia | Thalassaemia intermedia | Thalassemia intermedia | beta-Thalassemia | Microcytemia, beta Type | Microcytemias, beta Type | Type Microcytemia, beta | Type Microcytemias, beta | beta Type Microcytemia | beta Type Microcytemias | beta Thalassemia | Thalassemia, beta | Thalassemias, beta | beta Thalassemias | Thalassemia, beta Type | Thalassemias, beta Type | Type Thalassemia, beta | Type Thalassemias, beta | beta Type Thalassemia | beta Type Thalassemias | Thalassemia Intermedia | Intermedia, Thalassemia | Intermedias, Thalassemia | Thalassemia Intermedias | Thalassemia Minor | Thalassemia Minor (beta-Thalassemia Minor) | Minor, Thalassemia (beta-Thalassemia Minor) | Minors, Thalassemia (beta-Thalassemia Minor) | Thalassemia Minor (beta Thalassemia Minor) | Thalassemia Minors (beta-Thalassemia Minor) | Hemoglobin F Disease | Disease, Hemoglobin F | Thalassemia Major | Anemia, Erythroblastic | Anemias, Erythroblastic | Erythroblastic Anemia | Thalassemia Major (beta-Thalassemia Major) | Major, Thalassemia (beta-Thalassemia Major) | Majors, Thalassemia (beta-Thalassemia Major) | Thalassemia Major (beta Thalassemia Major) | Thalassemia Majors (beta-Thalassemia Major) | Mediterranean Anemia | Anemias, Mediterranean | Mediterranean Anemias | Anemia, Cooley's | Anemia, Cooley | Anemia, Cooleys | Cooley's Anemia | Anemia, Mediterranean
ADR Related Proteins
Protein Name UniProt AC TTD Target ID
Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Drugs Leading to the ADR
Drug IDDrug NameADR Frequency (FAERS)ADR Severity Grade (FAERS)
BADD_D00066Alendronic acid0.000303%
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